Three Bathroom Items to Get Rid of NOW

Did you know... Clutter Robs Our Self-Esteem You wake up one day and tell yourself: "Today I am going to declutter the bathroom! This is it!" You walk to the bathroom, feeling triumphant and elated. You made a decision! You open the door and see the following: bath toys scattered all over the floor more … Continue reading Three Bathroom Items to Get Rid of NOW

Everyday Stuff Every Day

In her book, The Way of Abundance, Ann Voskamp poses the following question: Tough question, right? In this fly at your face, mixed-up crazy world, how do I remember anything at all? Doesn't having a jam-packed schedule of soccer games and a whole bunch of to-do's on my list mean I have an abundant life? … Continue reading Everyday Stuff Every Day

The Thief of Freedom

 A Walk in the Woods I   You are a free spirit. You stand at the edge of the deeps woods and think, "There is no trail; no boundaries holding me back. I can go where I want. This is good." And so you go. You soon find out that the terrain is tough, rough, and … Continue reading The Thief of Freedom

Welcome to My Thirty-One Life!

Hi, I'm Kim and welcome to my (kinda) new blog. Starting over is a theme in my life, so, while this blog welcomes all who want to read it, my main focus will be women who want a fresh start.  I've had a couple of blogs before and quite frankly, I simply abandoned them.  Not … Continue reading Welcome to My Thirty-One Life!